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Throughout the course of the Linking Systems of Care Demonstration Initiative, the role of the project coordinator has been of paramount importance, regardless of the demonstration site. The LSC Steering Committee and Training and Technical Assistance providers agreed early in the project that replication of their work would be best supported by the creation of a Coordinator Toolkit.

Below you will find many of the materials to help guide you through the processes, critical conversations, and fundamental decision points and products that the LSC Coordinators developed during their planning phases. Generally speaking, each topical tab includes a brief introduction and internal links to samples, templates, or exercise to support your work in this area. As the projects progress, we will continue to populate this section with implementation and sustainability tools.

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  • Nicole Camp, Program Manager for the Montana Crime Council, provides advice for sites interested in linking systems of care.
  • Laurie Crawford, Program Manager for Virginia Department of Social Services, discusses early successes her site has had in linking systems of care.

Project Planning
Community Engagement
Victim Identification & Referral
Legal Considerations